DNA Testing

DNA Testing With Quick Turnaround Time


There are many different types of DNA Testing. The most common type of DNA Testing is Paternity DNA Testing which will test if an alleged father is the biological father of a child.

The only required party for a paternity test for the Home Paternity test is the alleged father and child.  However, on a Legal Paternity, the biological mother’s sample is required.

If there is a possibility that two or more alleged fathers are directly related to one another, it is highly recommended that both men be tested and the mother should always be tested in order to prevent false inclusion results. Paternity tests can be used for legal or informational purposes. A legally-binding test result can hold up in court and has no expiration date. An informational test is as accurate as a legally-binding test but the results cannot be used in a legal capacity such as child support or custody matters. DNA Collection Kits are used for this test (for both legal and informational purposes). The standard sample types for relationship testing are buccal swabs.

At RAD Testing we offer the quickest turnaround time at the lab for results. For a case in which there needs to be a resolution quickly, we recommend getting the 1 Day Turn Around from one of our specialty labs. If time is not of the essence, going with a 2 Day Turn Around will save you some cash.

Rapid Alcohol Drug Testing

RAD Testing is a full-service DNA testing company who can test family members across the nation with our nationwide collection network. We offer Paternity (relationship testing), Immigration, and Ancestry Testing.

All of our laboratories are certified in every state in the United States and internationally accredited through the AABB.

Why use RAD Testing for your DNA Testing Needs?

  • We are able to solve difficult parentage and relationship questions
  • We can give families peace and mind they deserve
  • Results are guaranteed at least 99.99% probability of paternity
  • Multiple collection locations (will differ from drug testing)
  • As fast as 1-day turnaround
  • Easy collection method of a cheek swab
  • Competitive Pricing